We’ve collected 10 blog posts from throughout the year and put them into one useful post to start the new year off right with your business. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

1) The Secret to Achieving Resolutions: Setting Small Goals

The New Year provides an opportunity to start with a fresh, clean slate. However, more than nine out of 10 Americans (92%) will not to keep their resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, or find romance. It can be the same with the goals small business owners set for themselves to grow revenues or become more profitable. […]

2) 9 Tips For Getting Better Business Results From Social Media

Are you struggling or confused with what you want to, need to or should be saying on your social media sites? Me too sometimes! […]

3) How to Make Your Local Business Stand Out From the Crowd

Do you own a business that relies on a local customer base, such as a brick-and-mortar retail store, nail or hair salon or restaurant? The busy holiday shopping (and eating) season no doubt kept you hopping, but now that the holidays are over (and people see their credit cards bills), business will undoubtedly slow down. […]

4) 4 Ways to Encourage Online Reviews

Have you ever been in the mood for a certain type of food and hopped on Yelp to look for a new restaurant to try? If so, then you know that online ratings and reviews from customers are key to driving new customers to your business and growing your sales. The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business will appear to be. […]

5) 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

It seems like every company is interested in how to become better at social media marketing, whether they’re just testing the waters of social media for the first time, or whether they have been on Twitter and Facebook for years and are trying to hone their process of social media lead generation. […]

6) 9 Virtual Ways to Thank Loyal Customers

If you have ever been retweeted by someone you admired, you know how much a small, simple gesture can mean. If you are going to take the time to thank your customers for their loyalty, you might as well make it count. […]

7) 11 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets

Remember when getting a letter in the mail was exciting? So do we. But how do you recreate that feeling and get customers excited about your business when they’re facing a sea of junk mail, flyers and credit card offers? […]

8) 10 Valuable Lessons Learned From The Top Business Books

When I think about all the business books I’ve read, I realize how much I’ve learned. David Meerman Scott opened my eyes to content marketing long before it became a buzzword with his bestseller The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Susan Friedman taught me that it’s better to be a big fish in a tiny pond in Riches in Niches. […]

9) 15 Best Marketplaces to Find Skilled Freelance Writers for Your Startup

As more and more business owners turn to content marketing strategies, the demand for talented writers is rising. But finding the cream of the crop isn’t always easy. […]

10) Are You Stuck Between a Rock and These Hard Places?

During the course of their career, every small business owner gets stuck. The key is to know where and how to get unstuck. […]