Lists & Databases

Lists (Business and Residential)

  • Lists acquired from leading network of list brokers and owners
  • Residential & Consumer Lists with Selections i.e. Radius, Homeowners, Income, Age
  • Business to Business Lists
  • Turnover, Staffing, Geographic, SIC, Industry, age, income and many more.

Cass / Merge / Purge / Dedupe / Selection

  • Format multiple files to a standard working format
  • Address Enhancements/Corrections
  • Select, Merge, Purge, Remove Duplication
  • Stop records from mailing using Suppression files
  • Remove all duplicate records
  • Specify any criteria to identify a duplicate (i.e. name, zipcode, date of birth)
  • Able to process around 1 million records per day
  • Coding and Splitting data files

Presort / Bulk Mail Sortation

  • Presort First / Presort STD / Bound Printed Matter / Bulk Mail
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode Processing, Tracking
  • Able to Process around 1 million records per day
  • Electronic reporting

NCOA (National Change of Address)

  • Update Customer Data with the latest USPS NCOA Database
  • USPS MoveUpdate requirements completed

Format to Print Image

  • Formatting to any structure for supply back to client, or download to printers
  • Salutation generation
  • Upper/Lower casing
  • Processing approximately 10 million records per day