Snap Pack Mailers

Snap pack mailers are the official looking mailers that requires the recipient to tear perforated stripes off of the side and the bottom of the snap pack mailer in order to open it. Once the snap pack is opened, there is usually an area for a letter and check or coupon dangling form a perforation that the recipient can tear off and keep. Other names for this type of mailer are Snap Pak Mailer and Pressure Seal Mailers. We keep several types of snap pack shells in stock that can be used at a moments notice. We can print custom snap pack shells but they do require longer lead time.


Here is how snap pack mailers work:

  • Snap pack shells are pre printed on the web press
  • Glue is applied that will seal when pressure is applied
  • The shells are over printed on the laser printer with customers data
  • The snap pack mailer forms are folded and go through a pressure sealer
  • The snap mailer’s are sorted and delivered to the post office!